Why You Need This Emergency Device in Your Car

A difficult truth that we all learn at some point is that accidents can and do happen. As much as we try to be safe out on the road, the fact remains that accidents are sometimes inevitable—and when this happens, you need to be prepared. Being in an accident can cause injuries or even death, but if you have the right tools, you can increase your chance of survival and even save the lives of others. In this article, we will explore the ultimate emergency device that every driver should own.

How a Car Accident Can Trap You in Your Vehicle

When an accident occurs, a lot of us aren’t quite sure what to expect. There is simply no guarantee of what will happen, but sometimes something truly terrible happens. Sometimes, people find themselves trapped in their cars. Though this can occur when a vehicle is crushed around you, there are two scenarios where you can end up trapped that are actually escapable.

The first instance of being trapped occurs when a seatbelt malfunctions, ultimately leaving the driver or passenger stuck inside of the car. When this happens, it can be nearly impossible to untangle, leaving the individual trapped—a fact which can be even more dangerous if there is a risk of being hit again or the car is on fire.

The second concern involves water. More regularly than you might expect, cars end up underwater—and sinking quickly. When this happens, pressure can make it nearly impossible to open doors or windows, leaving the person trapped inside a sinking car. Even outside of water, sometimes your window is your only way out, which means you need a plan to get through it.

The Emergency Solution

Seeing a need for keeping drivers safe, we have introduced the mini car emergency glassbreak hammer and belt-cut tool that is designed to help you survive either of these two situations. This tool can be used to save your own life, or the lives of others. Fitted with two helpful devices, it is small enough to store out of sight and easy enough to use in the event of an emergency.

Within this tool, you will find a belt-cutter that can be used to immediately saw through a seatbelt that is malfunctioning. The easy and accessible blade was formulated to cut specifically through seatbelts, so you never have to worry about being stuck.

In addition to the belt-cutter, this device also has a section that has been specially designed to shatter glass. With minimal physical force, you can drive this device into a window and shatter it instantly, even underwater.

The Takeaway

This lifesaving device can be used by anyone, and it has the potential to save lives when something goes wrong. You can never truly stop an accident from happening, but you can make sure that you have a plan if something does go wrong. We are happy to offer this device to keep you safe!

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