Prepare Your Car for a Ride with Your Dog

If you’re travelling with your four-legged friend or simply need to take them on a long ride in a car, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for it. After all, as a responsible and thoughtful owner, you need to make sure your pet feels comfortable in any situation. Here’s what we advise to get for your car in case of you taking your dog with you!

Dog Car Seat Cover

It’s not only that dogs’ paws leave dusty or dirty marks on the car seats – those are relatively easy to get rid of. It’s more about their hair that makes the cleaning so difficult. If you want your car’s interior to save its spotless look – get yourself a special seat cover.

Car Seat

What can we say? Regular car seats aren’t that comfortable for dogs as they are for people. If you want your pup to also enjoy the ride, get them a comfy seat. We recommend this Ivory Cloud Car Seat and this Black Vegan Leather Car Seat!


Ensure extra protection for your pet with a special seatbelt designed for dogs. This seatbelt will be a perfect choice, since it’s highly adjustable and can be used for a dog of any size, as well as very comfy. You can also get a set of 2 such belts.

19pc Pet First Aid Travel Kit

Just to be on the safe side, take a first aid kit with you for any trip. We hope there won’t be any situations when you need to use it, but if there are, you need to be preparer. Also, grab a water bottle to keep your pet hydrated.

Air freshener

Dogs have their own scent, which is not always pleasant, especially on a long trip. An air freshener is a great accessory to have anytime, and you can also choose a dog-themed one, like these Bulldog Air Fresheners!

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