How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

If you are a lucky owner of a new car — congratulations! However, now you are probably wondering how to keep the look and feel of a new car for as long as possible. And while there is always the possibility to do a paint job after your car doesn’t look so fresh anymore, but there are many cheaper ways to preserve the look of your car for longer. In this article, we are going to cover some of the easy tips on how to preserve the fresh feel of your car.

1. Easier to prevent than to fix

Without a doubt, the simplest way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening. If you want your vehicle to retain its salon shine for longer, make sure you take advantage of many cleaning products that exist today. Detailing sprays and spray wax are great tools for some preemptive maintenance. However, it is important to know the difference and use these products correctly. A detailing spray is a quick solution for light surface imperfections, such as light dust, dirt, or finger smudges. On the other hand, spray wax is a cosmetic solution designed to give your car a glossy layer while also adding protection to the car’s surface. The bottom line is to not overuse quick-fix solutions when your car needs a wash, or you may even create make your car surface greasy which would be a dirt and dust magnet.

2. Be wary of the car wash

While many car owners are afraid to take their vehicles to the car wash because of harsh scrubbers, those claims are often unjustified. However, the detergents used in automated car washes are typically geared towards heavy dirt and may be too abrasive for your car, exposing it to scratches and minor cosmetic damage. Hand washing, unfortunately, doesn’t guarantee a scratch-free result. Instead of using an old sponge that may collect grime, which may subsequently do more harm than good, use a microfiber cloth while using cleaning products designed for your car.

3. Not by wax alone…

If you want to give your car a high-quality shine, don’t hurry and wax up your car. It’s important to see what you are working with, especially if you deal with a used car. Make sure that the paint on the surface that is getting the coating doesn’t chip or peel off. Applying a coating to rusty or otherwise damage surfaces won’t give good results either. That’s why preparing your car for a wax treatment is no less important than the coating itself. Purchase or borrow a car buffer and try to bring out the luster in the existing paint job — chances are you’ll be content with the results without involving wax.

4. …or use wax alone

To give their cars as much shine as possible, some drivers tend to use every car polishing products they have. At best, this practice will result in a waste of product and money — car polish and wax do the same thing, there’s no need to combine them for the best result. However, as you already know, excessive use of polishing products can lead to an oily surface that will magnet dust and grime. Therefore, if you are sure your car is perfectly clean and its surface is free from rust and paint irregularities, you can add a finishing touch with either car polish or wax. The only thing that matters is whether your product will shield your vehicle from UV rays, and today most products have this feature. The choice between the two types of car gloss should boil down to your personal preference. Some drivers claim that car polish lasts longer while natural wax gives a richer gloss, but at the end of the day your experience may be different, so you should be fine with either product.

4. Know your enemy

To preserve the look of your car, you should know what to escape. The number one danger for any car surface is bird droppings. Sitting on your hood for several days, can seriously damage the paint. Along with bird droppings, UV rays are another factor that can make your car surface more susceptible to aging and paint discoloration. A paint sealant is a cheap and easy way to protect the paint from UV rays and condensation — apply it after cleaning a polishing your car to give the surface a protective layer.

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