How to Effectively Clean the Car by Yourself

Isn’t it satisfying when your car is all clean and shiny and smells nice after being washed in a carwash? We bet it is! But having your car cleaned by professionals – although it’s effortless for you – is rather expensive when it’s done rather often, and it’s advisable to have your car washed once or twice in a fortnight depending on the state of roads you’re driving on. If you rather save your money than your time, you can clean the car yourself, and we will help you make this process as easy as possible!

What to remember

Don’t let your car get too dirty; as soon as you notice that the vehicle is in need of a wash – do it immediately, don’t put it off for later. Moreover, wash your car frequently, so that you could keep the tidiness up and had to spend less time on cleaning each time. And now, let’s start our cleaning process!

Cleaning the interior

It’s important to have the interior clean not only for aesthetic reasons, but for your health too. With all the dust accumulating in the interior, it might get hard to breathe, which is already difficult due to the exhaust fumes we inhale every time we go for a ride. Here are some steps you need to take while cleaning:

  • Step 1. Get rid of the trash. Pick up all the empty bottles and cans, take out the packages and receipts from the door pockets, make sure that there’s no trash left and you’re ready for the next step in cleaning. By the way, it will be a good idea to get a car trash bin, so that all the trash would be in one place and you wouldn’t need to spend time on locating it.
  • Step 2. Do the dusting. Get rid of the dust from the dashboard and center console, dust the door pockets and the back console. This way you can be sure that the air you’re breathing in your car is free from the dust (it’ll also be beneficial for people allergic to dust). You can do wet or dry dusting, but of course wet one is better, since it removes the dust more effectively. We recommend this plush car-washing glove for that purpose: it’s easy to use it, and you can reach every place for dusting.
  • Step 3. Get your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaning is the most effective way to get rid of the dust and dry dirt from the floor mats, as well as to clean the seat covers from crumbles. This rechargeable portable car vacuum cleaner is perfect for interior cleaning thanks to its compact size and ease in usage.
  • Step 4, optional. Wash the floor mats. You don’t need to do it every time you clean your car, but try washing the floor mats at least once a month to make your car perfectly clean.

Cleaning the exterior

This is not as important for your health, but rather for your aesthetic vision. Clean the car exterior following these steps.

  • Step 1. Wash the roof. Roof is the hardest to reach, and sometimes the dirtiest place on the car (thanks to all the birds flying over it). To reach it, use this universal car footstep. Once you’re comfortably standing, start by rubbing off the dirt with a car sponge and then wiping the roof two times: first, to remove the cleaning solution and excess dirt; second, to wipe it dry.
  • Step 2. Wash the exterior. Follow this path: first front part, then the sides, and finally the back side. This way, no dirt will get on your car again in the cleaning process. If there are some spots that are hard to clean, use the multi-purpose hose sprayer nozzle to have high-pressure water flow hit off the dirt from the car. And, again, you can use recommend this plush car-washing glove for exterior cleaning, too. Just make sure that after that you wipe your car – especially the windows – completely dry; otherwise, water stains may remain on the car paint and glass.

And to finish off, add a nice scented air freshener to your car to keep the atmosphere of cleanness!

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