How to Choose Car Phone Holder

A Phone holder, or a phone mount? Which one do you need to have in a car? This is holds your phone and is placed in the front area of a car. What is it needed for? Here are some benefits:

  • Designated phone place – no need to hectically look for it when it’s ringing
  • Better observation – perfectly visible from the driver’s seat
  • Hands on the wheel – no need to hold it yourself
  • Safe driving – no distractions means no accidents.

Which one to choose?

Of course, as with many other modern devices, there are various models of phone holders/mounts. Here we will shortly explain the types, but only you can make the choice. After all, you might find one type comfortable, while someone else wouldn’t.

            Vent holder

The name says for itself – these phone holders are to be placed on the air vent in your car. They’re very compact and don’t obstruct the view on the road, which makes them safer and more convenient. However, some drivers find the angle at which they place the holders on the vent to be awkward to look at the phone.

            Dashboard mount

These phone holders are bigger and taller, and they’re supposed to be placed on top of the dashboard (like this one). They give a very nice phone observation angle but might close some parts of the windshield.

            Stick-on holders

This type is less common than the previous two, but it’s also worth your attention. You can place a stick-on holder anywhere: from dashboard to windshield. This one, for example, is very compact and easy to place.

            Magnetic or grip

Finally, the way these devices hold your phone. With a magnetic phone holder, you’ll need to attach a magnet to your phone. With them, it’s very easy to place and take your phone off, but they aren’t very reliable. Grip holders ‘clasp’ your phone, providing extra security. But it’ll take more time with installation, though.

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