Family and Friends: Must-Have Items for Carpooling

Carpooling saves on time, gas, and money. These must-have items are great for keeping everyone happy and comfortable.

The average person spends a lot of time in transit, which can mean a lot of time spent driving around. More often than not, people opt to carpool when they can, bringing together their favorite people for a more pleasant drive. This is a great opportunity that supports the environment and gives people a chance to connect. Having more people in your car can be great, but it does come with some extra needs. Find out how you can have the perfect carpooling vehicle.

What to Consider While Carpooling

Any time that you are going to carpool, you will want to consider two things: the passenger experience and what you might expect from having more people in your car. Considering the potential challenges in advance can help you to prepare for them, but it also means you get the opportunity to make every trip in your car even better. Ask yourself who is coming, what they will need, and what you can do to enhance comfort for everyone.

Items You and Your Passengers Will Love

Some car accessories really just instantly improve the entire drive, but that’s not all they do. Other car accessories give you the opportunity to keep the peace by offering a chance to avoid potential points of friction, like unexpected messes or a lack of music.

Mini Car Trash Bin

Mini Car Trash Bin Car Organizers

This portable car trash bin is an essential for anyone who often travels with more than one person in their car. The perfect size to be passed around the car by passengers of all ages, this can be the perfect place to stow away wrappers or throw out anything that might cause a mess. As useful for adults as it is for children, this can keep your car clean on the go.

Its simple design makes it comfortable to use, but it can also do a lot for the driver. Chances are that you don’t want a bunch of wrappers or any messes in your vehicle—understandably so—and this makes it really easy for passengers to be considerate. Something like this is a game-changer for families who are constantly taking kids to and from practices or extracurriculars.

Mounted Backseat Drink Holder

Most of us travel with drinks, which means that you need a place to put them. Whether you just want additional drink support, or you are looking to add a drink holder because you don’t have one, these are wonderful options. Easy to install, you can make sure that all of your passengers have somewhere to keep their drinks. An upgrade this simple can really improve the experience for your passengers.

Checkerboard Print Cup Coaster

Coasters are not just for fancy tables; they are for vehicles too. No one wants to subject their car’s interior to messes and spilled drinks. Coffees with inserts or overfilled sodas can all spell disaster for your cup holders, but with these inserts, keeping your car clean is much easier. This is especially important if you are traveling with kids who might be a little messier than the average passenger.

With a pleasant design, they add a fashionable touch to your vehicle while also serving the dual purpose of keeping your car nice. They don’t just protect against drink spills either. These coasters are especially great for bottles or cans that might scratch the interior of your vehicle.

Portable Car Ashtray

Traveling with people who smoke comes with an added need for the right tools. Since it is frowned upon for ash to be sent out the window because it poses a fire risk, having an ashtray in the car can help your passengers to smoke responsibly. Give your passengers the ability to comfortably smoke in peace with this add-in. Just remember to clean it out between trips!

Tire Repair Tool Kit

Few things make a carpooling experience worse than a flat tire—but they do happen. Getting a flat when you have somewhere that you need to be can be a terrible experience, but it doesn’t have to spell disaster. This tire repair tool kit is here to support your vehicle so you can get back on the road and get everyone where they need to go.

With its simple approach to tire repair, anyone can fix a flat when they need to as long as the damage isn’t too severe. Ideal for instances where someone has hit a nail or similar sharp object, this allows you to get back on the road in record time. Whether you’re heading to get your tire replaced or you just don’t want your kids to miss their big game, this can really help.

Colorful Portable Wireless Speaker

It is a commonly accepted truth that music makes everything better, and this speaker can really help. Your vehicle might not have the best sound system in the world, so why not give it a quick upgrade with this portable speaker that flashes a bunch of fun colors? You can share the music in the car and use it when you get to your destination too!

Red Painted Bulldog Car Air Freshener

Air fresheners are always necessary when it comes to carpooling. No one wants to get into a smelly car! In this case, the experience is made even better by its hilarious design. Functioning as both a topic of conversation and an air freshener, this fun item can keep your car smelling nice no matter how many passengers breeze in and out of it.

The Takeaway

Carpooling is recommended by environmental and transportation experts around the world, and some things just make it a lot easier. With these functional accessories, you can make sure that the journey is just as wonderful as the destination. Your guests will be grateful for the additional support, and you can rest easy knowing that your car will stay clean. These quick and affordable upgrades just make driving with other people a better experience.

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