Camping with a Car: What to Pack

It is always a great idea to go camping, although it’s much easier if you go by your own car! It will be easier to reach the needed destination, transport your belongings, and simply it will provide you with more comfort. In this article we won’t discuss all the items you need for camping, but only car-specific accessories. So, follow our list and enjoy adventures!

Car Air Mattress

Sleeping in a tent has its own charm, but we think everyone would agree that cars provide more comfort. After all, you can regulate the temperature in them way easier! This air mattress is a perfect choice for sleeping in the car: it perfectly fits in the back area, it’s spacious yet compact, and it’s easy to set up and put away. Moreover, it’s soft and includes two pillows for your comfort.

* If you still prefer sleeping in a tent, we recommend getting a sleeping bag for extra warmth and safety.

Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

Mosquitoes can really get on your nerves and ruin your stay in nature. And don’t waste money on anti-mosquito sprays – they’re practically useless. What’s more effective is this lamp. Smart technology lures mosquitoes to the lamp and then kills them with high suction – a perfect way to have a mosquito-less night outdoors!

Phone Holder + Charger / Power Bank

Phones are our connection with the civilization while we’re camping in the mountains or forests. That’s why you need to make sure you will be able to charge it even without sockets nearby. A special car phone charger is a good solution, a power bank is an even better one, since you can use it even outside the car. And, of course, it’s useful to keep your phone in front of your eyes in the car – hence, use a phone holder!

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