Car Accessories That Could Save Your Life

For most of us, our car is a gateway to the outside world. We use it to commute to work, drive around the city, pick up groceries, or just enjoy a road trip. But because we use it so often, we sometimes forget that our car is an actual, moving vehicle. And like any vehicle on the road, it needs proper care and maintenance to ensure that you can get where you need to go safely.

Car accessories range from the mundane to the wonderful. Some are effective, some are superfluous, and some don’t do much at all. However, there are also a number of car accessories that could save your life if you were ever involved in an automobile accident. These are the car accessories you should have in your vehicle right now.

1.   3-Way LED Emergency Tool

3-Way LED Emergency Tool Car Repair & Specialty Tools

Consider a 3-way emergency auto safety tool for your vehicle. This multi-tool emergency car escape unit has all the tools you need to get out of a deadly situation.

This 3-way emergency auto safety tool has a glass window breaker, seat belt cutter and a powerful magnet. You can use it to break through the window in case you’re trapped by an accident or collision. Or, if you’re trapped inside your vehicle because of a crash or rollover, you can use the seat belt cutter to cut yourself free. You can also use the strong magnet to grab any metal around you in order to help extricate yourself as quickly as possible.

You can use this multi-purpose car tool for anything from getting out of an accident, getting into your locked car or even just finding some change that fell between the seats. The 3-way LED emergency auto safety tool is a must-have for every vehicle since it offers so many functions for so many different situations.

2.   Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Portable Air Compressor

This is probably one of the most important car accessories you can have. No one wants to get stuck with a flat tire or blowout while driving down the highway or interstate. This portable air compressor will inflate a flat tire within minutes and allow you to get back on the road without any problems. It can also be used to inflate other things such as sports balls, rafts and more.

3.   Wireless Charger Car Battery Power Bank

TOPDON V2000 Car Jump Starter 20800mAh 12V 2000A Peak Emergency Starter 10W Wireless Charger Car Battery Power Bank SOS Flashlig Best Sellers Car Repair & Specialty Tools

As smartphones become more advanced, so does their battery life. However, these days it seems as though there’s nothing worse than running out of battery before you can get where you need to go. One way to solve this problem is by having a wireless battery power bank in your vehicle. This will allow you to charge your cell phone on-the-go so that you can continue using it for navigation purposes and keep in touch with loved ones in case of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

In the end, these three car accessories are good for a variety of reasons. The wireless charger and the LED flashlight in particular can be life-saving, but even the tire compressor is still very useful.

Regardless of the circumstances, being stranded with a dead battery, no cell phone, or even in danger will be much easier to deal with if you have these 3 Car Accessories in your vehicle today.

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